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area of application for industries

Airports and ports Authority

Fiberglass non corrosive , Electrical insulation properties and Non Electro magnetic interference , have allowed many consultants to design products used in airports such as Baggage chutes ,...... more >>


Due to highly corrosive environment in Aquaculture , and the need for glossy smooth finish for the interior of fish tanks , Designers have opted for fiberglass material to design all shapes o...... more >>

Architecture and interiors

From fencing to Architectural cladding , fiberglass & Glassfibre reinforced cement have been an attractive material for Interior designers and Architects due their flexibility in the design...... more >>

Desalination and RO plant

Salty marine environment and high cost of maintenance for painting existing steel structure has convinced the end user in GCC to choose fiberglass material for the application of cable trays...... more >>

District cooling plant

Due to highly corrosive environment in District cooling industry , clients & designers have selected fiberglass for the construction of the cooling towers main structural supports & cladding ...... more >>

Infrastructure and service tunnels

Municipalities and ministry of public works in UAE have always selected fiberglass for the application of Underground manholes , and for underground valve chambers , pumping station and service tu...... more >>

landscaping and swimming pools

In last years , landscaping companies started to use the advantage of fiberglass material versus the concrete or steel. Due to the humidity , traditional material such as Cast iron man...... more >>

Leisure and theme parks

In 2012 , Leadergrate was selected to supply 2000 m2 of fiberglass manhole covers , tree grating , chambers grating and pool grating for YAS ISLAND WATER PARK . Every since , Leader grate has achieve...... more >>


the advantages of fiberglass underground tanks have been proven repeatedly. Long used for petroleum storage, fiberglass tanks today account for the large majority of underground tanks purchased by OIL...... more >>

Residential and Commercial towers

The advantages of fiberglass Sectional water tanks for the developers have been very quick in UAE and later on in other GCC market . The quick installation and flexibility in the desi...... more >>

substations and Power plant

In substations , the attraction of fiberglass was due to electrically non conductive advantages , Fiberglass reinforcement for concrete slab and fiberglass non conductive fencing have been use...... more >>

Villas bangalows

Fiberglass underground water tanks and roof thermally insulated water tanks have been used in most of villas projects in UAE and GCC . In addition , fiberglass swimming pools which ...... more >>

waste water treatment

The Highly corrosive environment of sewage and H2S gas have been the first and most widely application for fiberglass products . From GRP grating , ladders , handrail , dome covers f...... more >>

products manufactured by leadergrate

What we are?

Leadergrate llc is the regional leader in Composite solution . We work on projects of all sizes including Airports , District cooling plant , Waste water treatment plants , Desalination plants , Aquaculture plants , Infrastructure projects, Power plants & substations , theme parks, water parks , museums, indoor and outdoor theming and hard landscaping, amongst others.

We are a turnkey production house with end to end execution that includes concept generation, 3D rendering, detailed design and drawings, manufacturing , fabrication , assembly and installation.

Based in Dubai investment park #1 & Emirates industrial area in Sharjah and with over 10 years of operations, we have successfully completed 120 projects in GCC countries serving over 200 clients.

Environment Policy

We are Leadergrate LLC are committed for minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. We are maintaining business system in compliance with ISO 14001:2015 requirements and ensure protection of environment by prevention of pollution and other suitable means identified in impact analysis.
The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:
  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Actively promote culture of reduce, recycling and reuse concept.
  • Source and promote a product range to Minimise the environmental impact of production.
  • Meet all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company and all obligation.

We will strive to comply and continually improve the effectiveness of ISO 14001:2015 environment system requirements.

Quality Policy

We at Leadergrate LLC are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction through understanding the right requirement, designing, manufacturing, supply the right product and installing it in a timely and satisfactory way and providing support during post warranty period as per our commitment.

We strive to successfully deliver products and customer support services beyond our customers’ expectation, focusing on the principles of efficiency and reliability.

This will be based on achieving continual improvement and comply with all applicable requirements in business Quality through adopting and maintaining, monitoring, analysis through a Quality and environment management system (QMS) based on ISO 9001:2015 and also as an equal growth and opportunity by providing adequate trainings and prospects for career growth.

What we do?

Leadergrate llc has worked with a variety of clients including , architects , MEP Engineers , material Engineers , maintenance plant unit , governmental bodies, and developers. We offer design, production and installation of:

  • Aquaculture fiberglass products
  • Airport baggage chutes products
  • District cooling fiberglass structure
  • Architectural fiberglass & fiber reinforced cement cladding
  • ODU self supporting fiberglass covers
  • Manhole composite covers
  • Electrical fiberglass cable trays & cable supports
  • Non conductive Fiberglass fencing
  • Themed Environments
  • Water treatment products such as OWS
  • All types of fiberglass vessels underground & Aboveground
  • Prefabricated ceramic tiled fiberglass swimming pools

corporate video

Our latest VIDEO. Take a look

Fiberglass fish tanks and walkways by Leadergrate on TV .

Posted by Leadergrate LLC on Sunday, May 21, 2017

34 nos of GRP fish tanks of capacity 75000 litres ( dia 6500 mm x 3000 mm H ) with 1200 m2 of fiberglass service walkways , platforms and staircases manufactured and installed by leadergrate in 2016-2017


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